In my last blog post I talked about my recent trip to New York and showed you some of the touristy photos I took. This post is about the real reason I went to New York. Bowens and Tony Corbell were having a photo walk through Central Park. I love New York, I love Central Park, I love taking photos and anytime I have a chance to learn and work with Tony Corbell I just can’t pass it up.

Tony’s kind of a big deal in the photography world, Google him and you’ll see. Since he moved to Dallas and I took his class at Texas School I have had the great fortune to get to know him and become friends with him. He is so eager to teach and willing to help anyone he can. That is what I love about him.

We gathered in Central Park early one humid morning in July and began our walk at Strawberry Fields in Central Park. We got to test out and use several of Bowens products and had the product managers on hand to answer any questions we had. It was an awesome opportunity and I’m so glad I got to participate. (Thanks to my husband for paying my way).

Here are my photos from the trip, but if you want to see some really great ones, check out for their blog and Tony’s images. Thanks Tony and TeamBowens for such a great time.

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One of my favorite places to visit is New York City. I love the energy of the city. When I was little I always dreamed of living in the big city. Maybe because I grew up in a small town. This was my 3rd visit to New York and I love it more each time I get to go.

One of my past Texas School instructors and very good friend Tony Corbell was doing a photo walk in Central Park and it just sounded so perfect so I signed up. I’m very blessed that my husband indulges me and encourages me to do things like this.

I was going to make this trip by myself and honestly I was excited about that. Last summer I went with some girlfriends and we had a great time but this time I could do what I wanted, when I wanted too… I was looking forward to that although I have to admit it would have been nice to have someone along with me.

The first day I arrived I headed straight for my favorite pizza place, Lombardi’s. We first heard about Lombardi’s from the History Channel because it is said to be the very first pizzeria in the United States! The pizza is simply amazing. So fresh! The sauce and mozzarella is the best part. After my pizza I had a ticket to tour the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Because I’m a tourist and still don’t have a feel for my way around New York I wound up walking all the way from Little Italy to the museum. That day happened to be hot and the humidity was so thick you could barely breath. I thought I was going to die before I got there. By the time I arrived I was to exhausted and hot to really enjoy it.

Here are a few photos from my quick visit. Photos from the actual photo walk will be in a separate post. You can also see more photos if you follow me on Instagram @PennyClarkPhoto. (Photos without a logo were taken with my cell phone.)

Penny Clark is a Certified Professional Photographer who specializes in High School Seniors, Family and Boudoir photography in North Dallas, Plano, McKinney, Celina, Prosper, Frisco, Allen area.











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I know that you’ve all seen my dogs a thousand times but here are a few more. Of course I love to photograph my dogs, but I also love to practice. A LOT! Since my kids have four legs this is what you get… dog photos. Sorry.

So, since you have to see my dogs I’ll tell you a little story about each one. Maybe you’ve heard it before, maybe you haven’t. You can follow their antics on Instagram @CrazyClarkDogs.

This is Blu. Blu is a miniature Australian Shepherd. This is my husband’s dog but guess who takes care of him? Right, me!

I call Blu a mountain goat because he can jump up on most anything, including the kitchen counter. He’s only done it once and I’m hoping that is an ability he will forget he has. He jumps over the baby gates I have up to keep them out of rooms I don’t want them in.  He just turned a year old in April and he is still very much a fun and active puppy. Blu was our #5 puppy and his brother Bentley was #6. My husband and I both acknowledge that it was a mistake to get two more dogs when we already had 4 but we love them and will do the best we can.


This is Gretchen, she is a maltipoo and is 5 years old. Gretchen is the reason I have Lucy. Some friends got Gretchen when she was six weeks old and smaller than a beer bottle. I just had a fit over her and decided I wanted a maltipoo too! A few months after we got Lucy, Gretchen’s owners decided that it just wasn’t working out and asked if we wanted her. She then became our #4 dog. Gretchen is only 9 pounds but she thinks she is the pack leader and has NO FEAR of Bear, our 90 pound dog. They get into rumbles all the time. She is also my traveling buddy. Pretty much goes everywhere with me and goes crazy when I ask her if she has her shoes on. That is her cue that we are going in the car. I love her fun and playful spirit.


Next is Bear. Bear was just supposed to stay with us for a few weeks until he was old enough to go to the shelter where I’ve volunteered in the past. We had just lost my dog Colby to cancer and the shelter needed a foster family for Bear because he was just too little to be in the shelter. My husband fell for him immediately. I kept telling him that we were NOT keeping Bear that he would be too big. He was only about 6 or 7 weeks when we took him in and I was so impressed with how smart he was and that he was potty trained without any effort on my part within a couple of weeks. When the call came to bring him back to the shelter I just couldn’t do it. I had purposely kept Bear at a distance trying not to get too attached to him but I failed. He stayed with us and he was more than a handful when he was a puppy. Now he is almost 3 and he is the sweetest most lovable dog. He truly is a gentle giant. Bear gets to go to doggie daycare once per week to burn off some energy and socialize with other dogs. He LOVES it! It makes me happy to be able to provide this for him because it clearly makes HIM so happy. Funny thing is, he knows when it is Wednesday and makes sure that I don’t forget. Most days when I leave for work he is curled up in the corner and hardly gives me a goodbye glance. On Wednesdays however, as soon as I’m dressed and ready to go he leaps up and races to the door and has his nose stuck firmly in the door making sure he gets through first. No way you are leaving me behind, mom!

Penny Clark is a Certified Professional Photographer who specializes in high school senior, family and boudoir photography in Plano, Dallas, Frisco, McKinney, Allen, Prosper and Celina area.

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Let me introduce you to Bailey! She is such a fun and outgoing young lady that is not afraid of the camera. I always have fun on photo sessions because that is what I love to do. Some sessions are better than others but they are all fun. Bailey’s session was over the top though. She likes to laugh and have a good time. She doesn’t take herself serious and enjoys life to the fullest.

I don’t know her whole story but I do know that she has had a few obstacles thrown her way and she has come through a wonderful young woman. Thank you Bailey for bringing a little sunshine to my life! You totally rock and I know that where ever life takes you, you will excel.

Here are a few images from our session at Prairie Creek Park in Richardson, Texas.


Penny Clark is a Certified Professional Photographer who specializes in high school senior portraits in Plano, North Dallas, McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Prosper, Celina area.

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One good thing about networking with other photographers is that you make great friends. Another is that you have a group that you can turn to when you need help. That is how I came to photograph Deanna and Brett for their engagement. Their original photographer, who happens  to be a good friend couldn’t make their session. She turned to me and I was glad to help.

Brett and Deanna were such a fun couple and I really enjoyed our session. It was clear how much in love they were. Their mom Leslee tagged a long and she added even more fun to the session. I actually have fun at almost every session I do but with this couple it was over the top. I loved the way they laughed and interacted.

They are getting married later this summer in Sonoma and I’m so jealous. I know they are going to have a fabulous wedding! Thanks Brett & Deanna for letting me photograph your special occasion and thanks Lee Ann for thinking enough of me to refer your clients too. Here are a few images from their session, you will see exactly what I’m talking about.

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